Wake Forest Dermaplaning

Smooth, radiant skin isn’t just a fantasy

Most of us would love to look in the mirror and see a bright, clear, and radiant face shining back at us. While at-home products, eating the right foods, and staying generally healthy can do wonders for your skin, sometimes you need an expert touch.

For giving your skin an overall healthier and more beautiful look and feel, we often recommend dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a physical method of exfoliation achieved by lightly lifting off vellus hair and dead skin cells with a sterile blade. The result? A touchably smooth, glowing complexion.

Your dermaplaning treatment

During your treatment, we will use a special blade, held at a 45-degree angle, to gently “scrape” your skin in small, downward motions. This provides controlled exfoliation to the areas that need it most while also removing the fine “peach fuzz” that covers the skin.

After the dermaplaning procedure, we will apply a hydrating mask to nourish your skin and enhance your results. This adds and seals in moisture, leaving your skin soft, supple, and vibrant.

Finding the perfect option for you

Wondering if dermaplaning is the right option for you? Our experienced skin care professionals will work closely with you to evaluate your concerns and design a treatment plan that helps you achieve optimal results. Contact us today to get started!